There’s never been a better time to try vegan food – it’s delicious, it’s healthful, and it’s all around you! From children to grandparents and couch potatoes to athletes, millions of Americans are choosing to eat a plant-based diet. Maybe you’ve thought about it too. If you’re curious about vegan living or just want to try new foods, please browse our restaurant and grocery store listings and check out the many helpful resources.

Vegan Fresno is the online vegan dining guide and resource center for the cities of Fresno and Clovis. The site is managed by Central Valley Animal Liberation (CVAL), a volunteer advocacy group based in Clovis, CA. Everyone is welcome to join but members should be interested in the ideal of animal liberation or the practice of a vegan lifestyle.

We believe that all conscious animals deserve respect and that we best respect other animals by allowing them to live freely and on their own terms. Animal liberation is an ideal state of affairs in which all nonhuman animals are free from human ownership and control. Veganism is a way of life that rejects the exploitation of other animals. To that end, vegans abstain from all goods made by exploiting or intentionally harming conscious nonhumans. Those goods include meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, wool, down, and leather.

Our Mission

To publicize the exploitation of farmed animals, explain and encourage the practice of the vegan lifestyle, and promote animal liberation.

Our Motto

For Animals, For Justice!