Want to meet local vegans or promote vegan living in the community? Join us at an upcoming event! For the complete details of all our events in the Fresno area, visit facebook.com/CentralValleyAnimalLiberation.

Central Valley Animal Liberation (CVAL) has a variety of ongoing campaigns that anyone can participate in. We also welcome suggestions for new projects and events from all our members and volunteers. Here’s a brief description of our ongoing campaigns:

Leafleting at Fresno City College.
Leafleting at Fresno City College.

Leafleting – We may be a nation of animal lovers but each year more than 9 billion farmed animals are raised and killed in the USA, nearly all of them on factory farms. CVAL distributes educational pamphlets (aka leaflets) that show consumers the cruel reality of factory farming and encourages them to adopt a plant-based, vegan diet. By reducing consumer demand for animal products we address a root cause of farmed animals’ exploitation. And leafleting is one of the easiest forms of activism. At a busy high school or college, one volunteer can hand out hundreds of leaflets in a single hour with no advance planning. At all CVAL leafleting events a senior member will be present to instruct and support first-time leafleters.

Students receiving vegan literature at College of the Sequoias.
Students visit our table at College of the Sequoias.

Tabling – While leafleting, we deliver educational pamphlets to consumers; while tabling, consumers come and take the same pamphlets from us. Tabling requires slightly more planning and resources but it’s also a very friendly and visible form of activism. Tabling is done at colleges, festivals, parades, farmers markets, and other venues with heavy foot traffic. Volunteers are needed to research tabling opportunities and work the events.

An Earth Day Feed-In at Fresno City College.
Celebrating Earth Day with a feed-in at Fresno City College.

Feed-ins – Free samples of delicious vegan food show people that they can enjoy their favorite flavors without supporting the exploitation of farmed animals. These samples are always offered together with our usual leaflets. Feed-ins require a lot of planning, but they’re probably the most positive way to share our message with the public. We need volunteers to research venues, help with food preparation, and work the events.

Our traveling educational display visits the Clovis Public Library.
Our traveling display on loan at the Clovis Public Library.

Library displays – Public libraries usually have display cases that are available to the public free of charge. CVAL has an educational display that we lend to libraries on a monthly basis. This campaign involves a small amount of advance planning and requires very little time commitment. Volunteers are needed to contact local libraries and coordinate the lending schedule.

Dining guide – Most of our campaigns educate people on the horrors of factory farming and the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle. But we also manage Vegan Fresno, the online vegan dining guide and resource center for the Fresno area. This guide and it’s companion resources make it easier and more fun to explore a vegan diet. We need volunteers to research vegan-friendly restaurants and speak with staff by phone to confirm which dishes are entirely plant-based.

Humane education – Delivering respectful, fact-based presentations to classrooms and community groups is potentially the most rewarding form of outreach. CVAL does this sort of humane education at local middle schools, high schools, and colleges. This form of activism requires by far the most planning, preparation, and time commitment. All members can request training to give presentations on factory farming, animal rights, and the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Volunteers are needed to build CVAL’s classroom database, contact potential hosts, and research presentation content.

Earthlings (2005) is one of several films CVAL screens free of charge for the public.
Earthlings is one of many films CVAL screens free of charge.

Film screenings – We host free screenings of documentaries that promote animal liberation and/or the vegan lifestyle. Potential venues include community centers, churches, schools, and public libraries. This campaign requires significant planning and moderate time commitment. Several volunteers are needed to research potential venues, promote screenings, and work the events.

Friends enjoying good food and spirits at Tandoori Night in Fresno.
Friends enjoying good food and spirits at Tandoori Night in Fresno.

Dine-Outs – One day each month we meet for dinner at a local restaurant. Dine-outs are a fun and casual way to try vegan foods and discover new restaurants. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome, but we ask that all participants order only vegan items.